How to Learn to Receive Love and Support as a Trauma Survivor

💛 Embracing Love and Support as a Trauma Survivor 💪 Hi everyone, I wanted to share something close to my heart today. Life has its way of throwing challenges our way, and for some of us, that means navigating the aftermath of trauma. It's not always easy, but there's one thing I've learned on this journey: receiving love and support from people who can see and hear you is crucial for healing and growth! Please join me as I talk to Kimberly Ward from Somogetics at about how to receive love and support. Are you tired of feeling triggered, self-critical, and like your trauma is interfering in your relationships and life? Are you ready to commit to your healing? Discover healing and resilience with our Self-Healing After Trauma Course. Expert guidance and community support. Reclaim your strength today! Pre-register at: to receive more information. Class Starts Nov 1. Spots are limited- first come, first serve. #SurvivorStrong #HealingJourney #LoveAndSupport #traumahealing #healingaftertrauma