How unresolved trauma shows up in your life

Welcome back to Self Healing After Trauma! In this episode, titled "How unresolved trauma shows up in your life," hosts Dr. Asher Beckwith and Kimberly Ward delve into the various ways trauma can manifest in our physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral well-being. They discuss common symptoms like difficulty relaxing, severe self-criticism, feeling stuck or unable to take action, dissociation, relationship issues, memory problems, anxiety, chronic pain, and more. Kimberly shares her personal journey of discovering unresolved trauma in her own life and how it led her to help others heal. Dr. Asher also opens up about her experiences with autoimmune issues and how addressing the trauma helped improve her health. Through their candid discussions, Dr. Asher and Kimberly aim to shed light on the often-hidden effects of unresolved trauma and emphasize the importance of addressing its root cause for lasting healing and transformation. Tune in to gain insights and discover that you are not alone on this healing journey. Take the Free and easy Trauma Assessment at