How do triggers affect individuals during the holiday season?

🌟 Exciting news!

🌟 Check out the latest episode of "Self-Healing After Trauma" where I, Dr. Asher Beckwit, dive into the topic of Triggers.

ğŸŽ§ In this episode, we explore what triggers are, how they can affect us during the holiday season, and most importantly, how we can manage them.

ğŸŽ„ Key Takeaways from this episode:

1️⃣ Recognize Your Triggers: Become aware of the moments that bring you back to challenging times in your past. Understanding your triggers is the first step towards healing and developing coping strategies.

2️⃣ The Power of Pause: When triggered, pause and take a deep breath. Ask yourself what you are feeling and how your body is reacting. By acknowledging your triggers and allowing yourself space to process, you can respond intentionally instead of reacting impulsively.

3️⃣ Release Excess Energy: Triggers hold intense emotional energy within us. Learn techniques to release that energy in the moment, such as visualization or grounding exercises. By doing so, you can prevent triggers from becoming overwhelming and reclaim control over your emotions.

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